The school will start on Monday, August 30 th , 2021, at 9 am, will occupy Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (from 9 am to 6 pm, with coffee break, lunch time and tea time) and will finish on Friday, September 3 rd , 2021, at 4 pm. Notice that all times refer to the CEST time zone.

The final assessment of the students will be conducted during the presentation of the laboratory work. This will permit to certificate the successful participation to the school, so that PhD courses could recognize credits to the students attending the school.[1]
The schedule is aimed at (1) integrating mathematical and applied topics, (2) alternating theoretical and practical activities, (3) alternating lectures from senior scientists and direct participation of early-stage researchers.

[1] From a review at the European level, it appears that one-week-long summer schools award credits in the range between 1 ECTS and 3 ECTS.

Programma Giudici